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Hello!  A bit about me...


As the eLearning Specialist for TCS Education System, I work collaboratively with the Instructional Design team to ensure utilization of state-of-the-art resources in the classroom. I assess organizational eLearning needs and work to develop and implement policies and procedures for utilizing educational technology by identifying and coordinating the design, execution, implementation, and evaluation of all online and virtual educational activities (including webinars, instructor-led courses, virtual conferences and online courses) within the TCS Education System affiliates.

I collect and analyze data to ensure that informed decisions are made regarding the educational needs and goals of online and blended learning programs, applying this research to inform professors and instructors as to the methodology, techniques, and style best related to eLearning. I also manage cross-functional teams and activities that require specialized knowledge in the fields of adult learning and learning technologies, ensuring that eLearning initiatives align with curriculum and prospectus objectives. 

Take a look around and find out more about me,


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